Upcoming shows

17.10.2015 Shale Club, Moscow

01.11.2015 Ulitka na Sklone, Saint-Petersburg

More dates to be announced

Nothing new? In 2013-2014 we were more like a studio band and recorded two LPs. We will anounce shows and tourdates as soon as we complete our live line-up and find a drummer. Keep calm and be patient. Thank you.


Past events

21.04.2012     Wings of Doom Pt.X, Kasta, Moscow

29.05.2011     Dark Sunday, Kasta, Moscow

19.05.2011     Hellfire Fest III, Kasta, Moscow

07.05.2011     Wings of Doom Pt. VIII, Kasta, Moscow

27.03.2011     Crematory,Voiceless Void, Shallow Rivers, Tochka, Moscow

30.01.2011     Mendor’s Party, Hleb, Moscow

05.01.2011     Winter Attack Day 3, Plan B, Moscow

14.11.2010     Mental Home, Morningside, Shallow Rivers, Kasta, Moscow

23.10.2010     Wings Of Doom Pt. VII, Kasta, Moscow

09.10.2010     Podolsk Under Brutality III, Old School Cafe, Podolsk

06.07.2010     Summer Heat, Plan B, Moscow

10.05.2010     Dark Metal Victory, Tochka, Moscow

03.03.2010     “My Dying Bride” Great Tribute Performance , Tochka, Moscow

08.01.2010     Winter Attack Day 4, Plan B, Moscow

09.12.2009     XO Club, Moscow

18.11.2009     Relax Club, Moscow


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