Shallow Rivers are a Russian dark doom/death metal band formed in Moscow in November 2007. In April 2009 the band recorded and released their first EP “Water Awakes” containing 3 songs. During 2009 – 2012 the band played gigs at local doom metal fests. Shallow Rivers supported Crematory ( at their gig in Moscow in 2011. In April 2012 Shallow Rivers began to work on their first LP “Nihil Euphoria” which was released by BadMoodMan (Solitude Prod) in October 2013. In September 2014 Shallow Rivers finished the recording and mixing of their second LP “The Leaden Ghost”, the newest conceptual work of the band.

And the rivers keep flowing…


Current line-up

Yury Ryzhov – guitar


Sergey Smirnov – keyboards



Guest musicians

Vladimir Andreev – vocals on Nihil Euphoria, The Leaden Ghost

Vladimir Andreev



Dmitry Shlykov – vocal, bass


Kate “Lin” – vocal


On April 12, 2012 we lost you, little angel. R.I.P. You are in our hearts forever.


Session musicians


Vladimir Stepanov – vocal

Elena “Less” Lesnykh – violin

Alexander Golikov – bass

Vladimir “Vile” Lyashkov – drums


Ivan Grigoriev – guitar

Oleg Rubetz – drums


Margarita “Rakshasa” Klintsova – guitar, back vocal

Maxim Konnov – drums

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